In an effort to protect the well-being of our members and community, we will not be accepting drop-ins or new members at this time.

We will gladly welcome drop-ins and new members again in the future, and we look forward to meeting you then!
-We will be requiring reservations for all of our classes. These reservations will cap at 9 athletes.

-This also applies to individuals who are following an individual program at CFM.

-Reservations will open 24 hours prior to class, and will close 1 hour before class time.

-If a class has no reservations, the class will be considered cancelled, and the gym will not be open.

-If an athlete does not reserve a slot, and comes to a class time that is full, that athlete will be asked to remain outside and can either do the workout outside, or can wait until another class time. Members who have reserved a slot time will have priority in this scenario. 

-This limit also applies to our Saturday class. If we have enough people who want to attend on Saturday, but the 9:00am is full, we have considered adding a temporary 10:15am class. 

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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If you want to do TUP at home:

If you have a barbell, but no pull up bar at home, sub barbell rows for pullups

If you have a kettlebell, but no barbell, do kb cleans, and the rep scheme will be each arm (so 15 each arm instead of 15 total). Same for kb rows (do 15 each arm). This way will be a longer time, but a similar stimulus.

Good luck athletes!

T.U.P. (Time)


Power Cleans, 135#


Front Squats, 135#

In honor of, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael H. Simpson, of San Antonio, Texas, died May 1, 2013
To learn more about T.U.P. click here
U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Michael H. Simpson, 30, of San Antonio, Texas, died May 1, 2013, from injuries caused by an improvised explosive device on April 27, 2013, in Arian, Afghanistan. Simpson, nicknamed “The Unquiet Professional,” was assigned to the 4th Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group (Airborne), Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. He is survived by his wife, Krista; sons, Michael and Gabe; sister, Abigail; brothers, David and Isaac; parents, Michael W. and Barbara; and many other friends and family. Donations can be made in his name to The Unquiet Professional, a nonprofit organization started by the family and benefitting Gold Star Families.

Female weight – 95#

CFM Remote

Metcon (Time)

For time:



Air squats


Sit ups


If you have time and can maintain proper social distance, use this time to work on an extra skill, do some stretching, etc.

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