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Overhead Squat (5/5/5/5/5)



Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Rotating EMOM

:20 second rest between each round.

Round 1: Power snatch (95/65;125/85)

Round 2: barbell burpees

Round 3: wallballs (20/14)

Round 4: rest

Round 5: Power clean (115/80; 145/100)

Round 6: Barbell burpees

Round 7: wallballs (20/14)

Round 8: Rest

Round 9: Squat cleans (135/95; 165/115)

Round 10: Barbell burpees

Round 11: wall balls
Round 4 and 8, rest the full minute in addition to the time before and after (so a total of a 1:40 reset between rounds 3 and 5, and rounds 7 and 9.

for rx+, must do at least 1 rep in every round at the Rx+ weight. For Rx, must do at least one rep during each round, and do Rx for all the weights.

This metcon is performed with one barbell

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