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3:00 row/run/bike/ski

2 rounds:

10 ring rows

10 hollow rocks

2 rounds:

5 scap pulls

5kip swings

band sequence

get your equipment

warm up to PC weight

few reps each movement.


push yourself to stay moving, with good form. biggest time saver on this will be doing clean, efficient reps with minimal rest.

A: Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time:

5 strict pull-ups

7 power cleans (135/95; 185/135)

9 box jumps (20/16; 24/20)

15:00 Time cap


muscle endurance. oh yeah.

shouldn’t take long to warm up a set or 2 of 6 and you should be good to go. try to start between 50% – 60% of 1 rep, can make a big jump if needed between 6&4 and between 4&2

Front Squat (6/4/2/4/6)

squat every 2:00 on the minute

idea is to do your 2nd 4 and 6 heavier than your first 4 and 6.

weight peaks at 2, then decrease the weight, but not below what you did previously on the sets of 4 and 6.

Back Squat (max reps @ final front squat weight)

start 4:00 after you final set.


spend some time on the floor.

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