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250 row

200 run

lunge with reach across the gym

high kick back

high knees

fanny kickers

side to side lunge

bear crawl

200 run

250 row

2 rounds:

10 bunny hops

10 squat jumps

10 tuck jumps (dont hurt your knees)

should be plenty warm for a 30 minute row/run combo

Aerobic Conditioner

no rx+ version. just go faster/harder/further

Metcon (Distance)

For distance:

6:00 ROW

6:00 run

4:00 rest

4:00 RUN

4:00 row

2:00 rest

2:00 ROW

2:00 run


begin 2:00 after finishing the aerobic conditioner

A: Front Plank (max reps in 2:00)

1 second = 1 rep

Side Plank – Left (max reps in 2:00)

Side plank on the left side.
1 second = 1 rep

Side Plank – Right (max reps in 2:00)

Side plank on the right side.
1 second = 1 rep


half way through the week today! Tell your classmates something awesome that happened this week while you spend some time on mobility.

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