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A: Rope Climb (6:00 EMOM)

1-3 Rope Climbs EMOM for 8 rounds.

If you do not have rope climbs, you can take this time to work on the skill and/or do the scaled version of rope climbs.


A: Metcon (Distance)

For distance:

6:00 row for distance

2:00 rest

6:00 Run for distance

2:00 rest

4:00 row for distance

1:30 rest

4:00 run for distance

1:30 rest

2:00 row for distance

1:00 rest

2:00 run for distance
If class is too large for everyone to start on the same movement, swap starting movements and keep the scheme as written. So group B would :

run 6:00

rest 2:00

row 6:00

rest 2:00

run 4:00

rest 1:30

row 4:00

rest 1:30

run 2:00

rest 1:00

row 2:00

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