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Super-sets are fun!

Metcon (4 Rounds for reps)

4 rounds for reps.

1 Round = moving through each super set 1 time (A->B->C = 1 round).

The super sets are:

Super-set A-

-10 tactical lunges, total (24kg/16kg)

*-Max overhead kettle bell swings in 1:00 (24kg/16kg)

Super-set B-

-150m row sprint

*-Max unbroken bar hang (each second = 1 rep)

Super-set C-

-10 weighted sit ups (45/25)

*-Max unbroken wall sit (each second = 1 rep)

*-only count these reps towards your score

***no rest (other than your transition) during the round. Once you complete 1 round, rest 2-3 minutes before starting a new round.

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