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250m row

2 rounds:

–10 each side reverse lunge with a trunk twist while holding a PVC pipe

— 10 goblet squats with a press at the bottom, 10-25# dumbbell

2 rounds:

— 10 total Cossack squats with 10-25#

— :30 each side banded shoulder stretch (band around rig, palm up, back to the rig, elbow by ear)

Banded glute activator

27 squat warm up


10 tempo front squats with a 2 second pause at the bottom, moving side to side to loosen hips, speed on the way up


Front Squat (20:00 to find a NEW 1 rep. )

go on and get it


A: Metcon (Time)

For time:

4 rounds->

— 35 double unders

— 18 wall balls

— 9 box jump overs (24/20)
14:00 time cap

2:1 scale for DUs

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