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250m row

10 kb swings

10 sit ups

10 inch worms

10 lunge with reach

200m run

10 boot strappers

10 burpees

pvc shoulder sequence

3-5 sets of 3 position squat clean, start with barbell or pvc pipe, add weight as needed


Clock for Part B begins 5:00 after Part A ends.

A: 3 Position Squat Clean (Every 90 seconds)

High hang squat clean

hang squat clean

squat clean
Hold onto the bar the whole time.

Every 90 seconds complete 1 cycle.

5 Rounds

B: Power Clean (heavy 3 )

12:00 to complete a heavy set of 3 for the day.

4 attempts max. if you find your heavy 3 before 12:00 is up, use that time as mobility/skill.


Metcon (Time)

For Time
300m run

16 burpees

32 double-unders

200m run

12 burpees

24 double-unders

100m run

6 burpees

12 double-unders


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