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50m jog

down the gym and back: high knees

50m jog

down the gym and back: butt kicks

50m jog

down the gym: lunge with reach, back: burpee broad jump

50m jog

down the gym: high kick, back: inchworm (half way) duck walk (half way

50m jog

Squat training, facing the wall. Arms above head, steady tempo.

10 reps once you are as close as you can be with proper mechanics to the wall. Only count the reps at this position.


A: Back Squat (6×2)

3-5 warm up sets of 6-4 reps

80% – 85%

Get heavy, stay heavy.

20:00 for warm up and lifts. Warm up faster, spend more time on lift.


Metcon (Time)

For Time:


Russian KBS (32/20kg)


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