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Underground Strength

30-40 minutes of work

take no more than 1:00 between sets, but during the superset, no more than the time it takes to get to the next movement.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 super sets
Super Set A)

-*Bench Press – unbroken, 75% bw, no more than 10

-*Strict Pull-Ups – max unbroken, can mix grip but no double underhand

Super Set B)

-*Overhead Squat – unbroken, 50% bw, no more than 10

-*Bent over barbell row – max reps in 1:00. Same weight as OHS. Don’t lose form. Does not have to be unbroken

Super Set C)

-10 candle sticks

-*Russian twists – max reps in 1:00. (30#/20# slam balls). Does not have to be unbroken.

Super Set D)

-*Jumping lunges – max reps in 1:00. Does not have to be unbroken

– 50m D-ball carry

*score reps marked with an asterisk


Spend any extra time stretching/rolling out

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