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bar muscle ups


Underground Strength

30:00 time cap

Metcon (Weight)

4 rounds
– 3 wall walks

– 5 rear leg elevated split squats each (barbell or kb)

– 5 single leg deadlifts each leg

– *50m farmers carry

– *50m off set carry (alternate at 25m); one kb in front rack, one kb overhead

– :30 second weighted plank hold

*score combined weight of heaviest round.

ex: on your heaviest round you have a 20kg in each hand for the farmers carry, and a 16kg in each hand for the off set carry, your combined weight is 72kg.

if your legs are smoked from earlier in the week, treat the leg portion of the workout as recovery, with light or no weight and moving through the motions to force blood flow through those muscles. if you’re feelin’ froggy, push the weight but don’t over do it, maintaining perfect from throughout the lifts. should be able to all squats without pausing, and all deadlifts with out pausing (other than to regain balance and change which foot you’re standing on).

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