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Underground Strength

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

32:00 – 40:00 of continuous work

Superset A):

4 rounds:

**body weight back squats (max unbroken, perfect form, no more than 10)

**strict pull-ups max unbroken (use bands as needed or elevated ring rows)

Superset B)

4 rounds:

ghd sit ups 10

*max effort cal row for 30 seconds

Superset C)

4 rounds:

12 russian KBS (heavy)

**max effort burpees for 30 seconds

Superset D)

4 rounds:

50m D-ball bear hug (or medicine ball)

**max effort slam balls for 30 seconds
*Superset in this case means you finish one movement and immediately move into the other movement paired in the complex

*Watch out for fellow athletes and don’t run into someone, you can take breaks between each round of a superset, and between each superset, but not in between the movements of the superset.

*try to complete each superset in 8 minutes, but no more than 10 minutes.

**score combined reps of these movements

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