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Snatch Complex (pull, hang, power)

-6:00 EMOM

-Snatch Pull

– Hang snatch

-Power snatch

Aerobic Conditioner

Metcon (Time)

For Time:
-Row 1k

run 800m

-Row 800m

run 600m

-Row 600m

run 400m

-Row 400m

run 200m

-Row 200m

run 100m

*as Rx’d, you will row a 3k and, run 1.3 miles.

*if you bike, bike at a 2:1 distance and keep row distances the same

*scaled: start with row 800/run 600

*We realize this is not the most fun of workouts, but workouts like this are necessary in building your aerobic capacity. steady work, over a period of time is beneficial in many aspects of CrossFit, and overall wellness.

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