don’t forget to come in the back when it’s cold
Holiday Party Dec 9th 5:00 PM Katechis farm. Check FB for a sign up sheet, or tell a coach what you want to bring. The gym is providing the meat.

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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6:00 bike/row/ski combo

2:00 couch stretch each leg

2 rounds:

10 hollow rocks

10 superman snaps

10 kb swings

then: 3-5 skin the cats


27 squat warm-up


depending on how your legs feel will determine the weight choice.

think of this as maintenance of strength as opposed to strictly strength building

Back Squat (5/5/5/5/5)

start around 60% and increase as necessary.

not going for a 5 rep PR. final sets should be challenging, but not so challenging that you struggle to finish

90 second break between sets.

Aerobic Conditioner

building that engine…

Metcon (Time)

Run and Row
4 rounds:

Run 400m

Row 500m

*if athlete needs to sub out the run, athlete may bike 1200m or .75 miles

*if class has more athletes than rowers, stagger start and people can use the rowers as they are available.

*ski erg may be substituted for the rower as well at 400m instead of 500m, and athlete must use the ski erg for the entire workout

Rx+ – complete run with moderately heavy sandbag (so not the 20lb or not the 100lb)

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