don’t forget to come in the back when it’s cold
Holiday Party Dec 9th 5:00 PM Katechis farm. Check FB for a sign up sheet, or tell a coach what you want to bring. The gym is providing the meat.

CrossFit Montgomery – CF

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5:00 bike/row/ski combo


10 lunge with weight twist – keep core real tight

10 kettle bell swings (over head)

10 ring rows

10 high kicks (total)

2:00 foam rolling lats

2:00 foam roll quads

10 high kicks

10 ring rows

10 kettle bell swings (over head)

10 lunge with weight twist – keep core real tight

Underground Strength

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

30:00 time cap
4 rounds

50m sled push (25m high bar/25m low bar) (1.5-2x bw)

*7-10 pull up negatives (can jump from a box if you need to, can also do ring row negatives if you need to)

*3-5 wall walks

10 heavy russian kb swing

:30 hollow hold

:30 superman

*score is total reps of negatives and wall walks

Aerobic Conditioner

If you feel like you need a little something extra.

Metcon (Time)

For Time
5 Rounds

Run 100m or Row 125m or ski 100m

Rest = previous time spent working

so if it takes 20 seconds to run the 100m, you then rest 20 seconds. time spent working should be all out sprint

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