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11:30: Turkey burnin’ (Time)

The day after Thanksgiving is meant for leftovers, sleeping, and a little bit of shopping…

First, you’ll have to run the store to make sure you’re in line early enough. Then, you’ll have to jump over and around other shoppers making sure you have everything you need. Once you get back home, you’ll need to climb the mountain and chop some wood to make sure there’s enough wood for the fire for your nap later today. Then, we need to do some work to burn off all those calories. Then you can nap!

4 rounds:

200m run with med ball

tire obstacle course

30 mountain climbers

30 sledge strikes total (15 left/15 right)

30 wall balls (20/14)

30 med ball push-ups

30 med ball cleans

Accumulate 1:00 in the plank

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