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200m run

PVC shoulder sequence

lacrosse ball around shoulder blades

200m run

27 squat warm-up


Overhead Squat (18:00 to find 1 rep max)


Each round is 2:00 of work, with :30 of rest.

Metcon (6 Rounds for reps)

Each round is 2:00, followed by :30 rest.
3 Rounds:

100m run

*max toes 2 bar

3 rounds:

10 double kettle bell cleans (kettle bells do not have to touch the floor) (Rx: 20kg/12kg in each hand; Rx+: 24kg/20kg in each hand)

*max HSPU

rest an additional 150 seconds after the first 3 rounds, for a total of 3:00 rest before starting the kb cleans and HSPU


enter the reps completed of toes 2 bar and HSPU for each round

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