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2 rounds

200m run

5 lunges with reach each leg

10 kettle bell swings

15 sit ups

in between rounds, do 1:00 couch stretch each leg

after two rounds:

1:00 bench with dumbell shoulder stretch

1:00 cossack squat each leg (alternate :30 seconds)


Front Squat (23:00 minutes to find a 1 rep)

idea for warm-up

10 empty barbell

8 with some weight

5 with a little more

5 with a little more

3 with more

3 with more

1 rep somewhere around 85% of your current 1 rep PR, then go up from there. When you’re getting close to your 1 rep, don’t do your current PR, try to at least add some weight, even if it’s .5lbs


100 Burpees (Time)

For Time:

– 100 Burpees

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