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100m run

lunge with reach across gym, high kick back

100m run

side to side lunge across gym, burpee broad jump back

100m run

inch worm half away across gym, walking single leg deadlift (no weight) back

100m run

high knees across gym, fanny kickers back

practice movements with your partner for 5:00 to finish your warm-up


Team Halloween (Time)

Split work as needed:
*400m Partner Pumpkin Run

70 Burpee Pumpkin Jumps (like a barbell burpee, but you jump over the pumpkin)

*50 Partner Pumpkin Balls (partner wall balls)

*30 Pumpkin Step-ups (20in/16in)

50 Partner Pumpkin sit-ups

*70 Pumpkin push press

*400m Partner Pumpkin Run

Pumpkin = medicine balls; 20lb for guys, 14 for ladies

*If pumpkin hits the ground, each partner must drop and do 5 burpees immediately before continuing with WOD

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