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6:00 Bike/Row/Run combo

2 rounds of cindy

in between rounds of cindy, foam roll quads 2:00 each leg

Metcon (Weight)

Underground Strength/Active Recovery

27:00 time cap
4 Rounds:

8 Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats each leg (if Monday was tough, go light or even no weight; if Tuesday is your first day, go a little heavier), should be able to do all 8 unbroken on each leg

*8 Single Arm Kettlebell Rows each arm

8 Strict Pull-ups (mix grip is ok if needed)

8 Perfect Push-ups

*enter weight of kettlebell used , just one kettlebell not combined weight.


Metcon (Time)

Finisher A)

can do A or B first, but you must do both
2 Rounds:

25 Sledge Strikes each arm for time

Alternate after 25 swings

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Finisher B)
3 rounds

:30 seconds bike for calories, sprint

1:00 rest

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